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Book Release:
April 5th

Dave's book offers a concise and inspiring introduction to the foundational elements of spiritual resilience. Join our email list and we will send you a free digital download.

Practice to Program

Spiritual Resilience is an animating force that is strengthened through hardship, flourishes amidst adversity and occurs at the interface of individual and community. When we put action to decisions rooted in gratitude and character, we move our intention into the world around us and build spiritual resilience. This practice is delivered through a structured program we call The Road to Resilience.

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Connected Community

We deliver inspirational ideas and foundational concepts that define The Road to Resilience

About Dave

David Wurtzel is the founder of The FirstTwenty, a nonprofit dedicated to the health and wellness of America's firefighters and first responders. First Twenty programs have serve over 100,000 first responders nationwide and have been utilized by government agencies from the Department of Defense, and the United States Forest Service to major municipalities like Baltimore, Detroit and Philadelphia.

In his two decades of on-the-job experience, David served as both a structural and wildland firefighter. He won the gold medal in the Firefighter Combat Challenge World Championships Over 50 Relay in both 2017 and 2018 and the silver in 2019. The culmination of Dave's passion and experience is The Road to Resilience, a clinically proven program, that builds spiritual resilience, creates community, and strengthens character.