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What is the Road to Resilience?


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The Process

The first step is understanding The Process of The Road to Resilience. It is the foundation for our Movement, and our Program.

We are in a continuous and reciprocal state of Community

Embracing our Community identity begins by taking the intentional ACTION to enter the COMPASSION GRATITUDE engagement.

The compassion gratitude engagement activates our community identity, and empowers our SPIRITUAL RESILIENCE.

This allows us to step into the unknown together through FAITH.

The Primer

This is the core terminology and lexicon:

  • Community

    A continuous and reciprocal relationship we share with those around us.

  • Action

    The decisions and choices we make to intentionalize community.

  • Compassion

    Sharing in the struggles, suffering, and aspirations of our community.

  • Gratitude

    An obligation that’s rooted in appreciation and respect.

  • Faith

    A belief that requires no reason or logic.

Continuous Community

A transformational concept on The Road to Resilience. Continuous community is the reciprocal relationship between an individual and community. The individual exists within community and community exists within the individual. Community and individual identity are inextricably linked.

The American Spirit

In the ideals, actions, and aspirations of The American Spirit, we see a manifestation of The Road to Resilience. The American Spirit is powered by the dynamic tension, cooperative strength, and unbridled imagination that exists through the shared and interdependent identity of the individual and community.

Intentional Choice

An intentional choice is made through reflection, contemplation, and understanding. On The Road to Resilience, we emphasize the Intentional Choice we make to include individuals in our community and the intentional choice we make to include ourselves in community.

Unintentional Circumstance

On the Road to Resilience we are specifically mindful of living in continuous community. It is important to mindfully engage with those around through compassion, gratitude, and faith. Unintentional Circumstance is a passive interaction with the world around us, in which we don’t use the tools of resilience, and we don’t intentionalize others in our community.

Spiritual Resilience

The internal resolve of individuals and their communities that moves them to meaning and purpose. It flourishes amidst adversity and is strengthened through hardship.

Get on the Road

Embrace the best of The American Spirit and put The Process into action at home, work, and in your community.

Share a message of support, listen thoughtfully to someone, or engage in a helpful act. The key here is to get started.

This is the first step in turning ideas into action and joining The Road to Resilience Movement.

  • Send a message of support via text, email, or social media.
  • Take 5-10 minutes of listening intently to someone at home (This can include friends).
  • Pick an activity you can do together.
  • Let someone know you support them via text, email, or through social media.
  • Check-in and have a discussion with co-workers (via phone, or video).
  • Tell a colleague about someone else’s great work or achievement.
  • Let someone know you support them text, email, social media video, etc.
  • A simple kind gesture: Take up trash cans, ask if you can get them groceries, etc.
  • Thank a healthcare worker, grocery worker, police, firefighter via a letter, or post on their social media outlet.

Put Ideas into Action

To improve your chance of success, get SMART with the goal you choose for COMPASSION.

SMART is an acronym for Specific, Meaningful, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. Click the cards in this example. We break one down so you can see how it works.

As you move down this path remember that COMPASSION is a two-way street, it moves outwards and inwards. Once you have fired a connection with someone, make it reciprocal. Share with that person your struggles, suffering, and aspirations. This reciprocal action will deepen the bonds of community.


Send a message of support via text, email, or social media.

Make it A SMART Goal

Check-in and have a discussion with co-workers (via phone, or video).

Make it A SMART Goal

A simple kind gesture: Take up trash cans, ask if you can get them groceries, etc.

Make it A SMART Goal

After Action Review

Perform an AAR on your day’s events and interactions. Think about the day, then let it go If there is an interaction that didn’t go well, step up, and take responsibility. If it involved another person, communicate your thoughts the next day through whatever medium works: phone, text, or email.

Share It

The last step is we ask you to share any of the steps you have taken on our social media page. We want to show some RESPECT for our fellow ROAD WARRIORS. Share any action, or how you and your community members have moved forward into the unknown together. Use the hashtag #TheRoadToResilience #RoadWarrior #RoadSign

The Program

The Road to Resilience program builds Resilient Leaders, Courageous Followers, and Communities of Character.

We use the principles of Community, Action, Compassion, Gratitude, and Faith to improve performance by coupling Physical and Mental Expertise with Spiritual Resilience.

Join us for online workshops where we take a deeper dive into foundational principles at the heart of The Road to Resilience movement. This class provides an essential understanding of intentional choice, unintentional circumstance, and the transformative properties that drive Spiritual Resilience. We’ll unpack, and contextualize our five Tools of Resilience that directly influence self-awareness, and build greater resilience. The Road to Resilience program will enable you to develop specifics goals that cultivate a challenge-ready mindset, drive behavioral change, optimize your performance, all leading to full participation in a purposeful life.

Online Workshop Overview

Part 1 Spiritual Resilience

Understand the principles of Continuous Community, Action, Compassion, Gratitude, and Faith and how they are manifest in your daily life.

Includes Q&A Discussion

Part 2 Intentional Choice & Unintentional Circumstance

Recognize the mitigating factors that impact your ability to separate action from reaction, and identifying the adverse results of these factors.

Includes Q&A Discussion

Part 3 Resilience Smart Goals

Move from understanding to action, and create specific goals that will allow you to build habits, and resilience around your daily awareness.

Includes Q&A Discussion & Development of Daily Goals


Join us for our live weekly sessions on Facebook, as well as our upcoming Podcast, where we reignite The American Spirit.

The Road to Resilience emphasizes the reciprocal relationship between individual and community and understands that relationship to be most clearly demonstrated in the ideals, actions, and aspirations of the American Spirit. We will take a unique look at some of the events and innovators that have shaped our culture. The stories and people, both past and present, who are imbued with these ideals, and aspirations. Stories that will help us understand, and engage with The Road to Resilience. Tune in, and join The Movement!

Starting in November, Dave will begin a monthly podcast, delving into the mindset that leads us down The Road to Resilience.